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    Mellow Maestro


    Captain Mellow has released Mellow Player v2.0. This browser / MP3 player is \"totally functional with support for java, flash, css, vitalize\" and features an improved interface. Check it out!

    Update: We just received word that one file wasn\'t included in the latest release. To fix this, just copy \'bass.dll\' from the 1.0 version into the v2.0 directory.

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    Mordeth left out the fact that it is an LMP player as well. You toggle between MP3 & LMP mode, & load either file type & hit play.

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    Forgive me for sounding dense, but isn't LMP a binary data format? In which case it isn't really music. The most common use for LMP data is demos, probably, so are you saying your Mello Player can play recorded Doom demos?

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