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    Mellow Out


    DOSDoom and bot enthusiast (and recipient of a deathmatch beatdown by yours truly) Captain Mellow has put up a csDoom page devoted to that greatest of multiplayer ports. Currently there isn't too much on the page as it just opened, but there is a wishlist from Mr. Mellow for the next version, as well as a link to Ricrob's WAD page which has a list of lots of common DM WADs you might want to have handy.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    2 things I would really love to have in cs doom are: Rcon, would be great to be able to change map and other settings with remotly. And the second he captain mellow sorta touched on would be better deathtag support, have the scores on the hud, changable scorelimit, not allow someone to take there own teams suit ect. have a new skin (or colour) for some who has the biosuit. just make it a bit more friendly. might have to redo some of the maps, im sure you could make some better, I think that would be better than ctf of tf clone (ewww).

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    Guest Xenocide


    whats up with doomworld? It doesn't have the whole sidebar

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