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    MIDIs Due


    Just a little bit of a reminder, as that the submissions for the third round of Fanatic\'s MIDI classes are due tonight.

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    These are computers we make the music on. Lets do electronic style already... acustic guitars, harps? Urgh...

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    Guest Fanatic


    Even more the reason to use the instruments I selected! It's a challenge. I've had to work harder myself.

    The next class should be more to your liking, got some weird instruments this time.

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    Guest Ike654


    Well, I'm already finished with #4, surprisingly enough!

    I might make another and send that one in instead, though. Not sure. But, techno sure does sound interesting with this guitar and harp. I've got ideas for a jazz song and a 80's pop/J-pop song in my head as well, so I'll have to see which to send in.

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    Guest MrHarmony


    Just in case anyone read my comments and got confused; right, my songs aren't in the same order in the mp3 as in the text file. The songs are named something like class03-1, -2 and -3, but I didn't send'em all in one mail - or even in the right order, which confused things a bit! :-)

    The *first* one played is actually "China Moon"/class03-3 (forgot to mention the real name in the first mail). The next one is "class03-2", and the last one is "class03-1".

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