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    Mordeth Advancement


    Our very own Gaston Lahaut has updated his Mordeth TC Site with a rather large block of text. The project seems to be progressing pretty well, even with only one actively contributing level creator besides Mordeth himself, who also nonchalantly requests help in that department. As always, there's more to the update, so be sure to read it.

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    Seems like an agonizing development cycle there, and demoralizing when innocent resources get stolen, but it's nice to see things are still moving along. GL in the future!

    "I still can't believe this good old game is now 10 years old."

    Even more amazing that plenty of new stuff is still on the way (I can think of about 5-6 in-development megawads we have yet to see, along with some other projects).

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    PumpkinSmasher said:

    Exactly how long has this project been in development now. Hopefully sometime soon it will be released.

    It's been in development for the past 7 years now I think, though I could be wrong.

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    Bloodshedder said:

    I was wondering why he didn't just update DW himself.

    back in the day it was decided that doomworld updaters wouldn't update about their own sites due to the inherent conflict of interest.. i dont know why i know or remember this rule..


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    Everytime there's any news about this project I go to the site and download the demo. And everytime I do, I realize "Oh, I've already played this 10 times before." Still, it looks like a really good project, I'm sure looking forward to it. Hopefully there'll be a release of some sort before doom3 comes out, but if not, doom3's getting put away for at least a week.

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    BBG said:
    Because he's too busy with his project, duh!

    Mewse got it right. Because it's been a long-standing rule here at Doomworld that you don't post news items about your own stuff. I submit it, like everyone else.

    Linguica said:
    I noticed he didn't mention his placement in the best WADs and most infamous WADs articles :P

    I completely forgot to mention it (but planned to, honest!)... but yes, thanks a lot for mentioning me in the best WADs list! As far that other list... it's not like I started out working on the sequel with the idea of releasing it well into the next century :/

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    "It's a shame really, because having just one or two additional ACTIVE designers brings a release very, very close indeed"

    sounds very promising, there must be someone out there with the time and skill.

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    Hm, i wonder if that "moving subway train" really moves, or weather it teleports you into a copy of it on a boom conveyor belt

    well..that trick was new in 1997 hehe

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