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    Mordeth Packs His Things


    And heads on over here to DW. About time too I might add. Mord has updated with a new look to the site as well with the usual state of the project. Some news on the engine, some news on the new levels. Some talk about 10 sectors again. Man, what is it with this 10 sectors stuff? But you know you wanna mosey on over and check it all out.

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    Don't believe for a second that there is progress on Mordeth. As a member of the team I am appalled the last team email is 4 months old and the last build is 8 months old. As for Gaston saying one of his ep3 levels is near completion: hah! Translation: Under normal circumstances it would be done but I'm so damn perfect that I will tweak it for the rest of my life.

    Besides, does Rob Berkowitz even know that he was failed to be mentioned on the members page? What team? Mordeth still thinks this is a solo project!

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    I plead insanity! I'm fighting my alter ego today. <alter ego interjects> You idiot, release ep2 already! </me hurts alter ego> Sorry, mordeth. Didn't really mean that.

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    Did you see that? Some of the graphics on the page are subject to chance. Sometimes, I just open Photoshop and click randomly for fifteen, twenty minutes. When I'm done, if anything pops up at all, I like to post in on my web site. :)

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    Guest vh5150


    Does anyone know who on either Telefragged or Doomworld was compiling a list of the top 100 levels/wads?

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    Guest Mattrim.


    Derek! Hey! Drop me an email from whatever email account it is you are using now that you are at the university.

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