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    More Skull Tag Updates


    Carnevil (now with a functional e-mail address) has updated the Skull Tag page with some more good news. First of all, a release of 0.94b will be available "within the next week or two," and here's what you'll get:

    • Linux version for hosting servers
    • Internet Doom Explorer support
    • A new weapon
    • A couple new levels
    • More new item graphics
    • A whole slew of other things

    Carnevil also welcomes a few new members to the team, Mancubus, the JJ, and Scuba Steve. Be sure to keep an eye on the Skull Tag forums and join us in #skulltag on irc.freenode.net.

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    "Release in two weeks", that's a classic way of saying "it might be released within 2 weeks, but it might as well take several months".

    It would be cool if it really does get released within 2 weeks.

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    mewse said:

    god.. the news script is falling apart.. completely broke that

      .. ugh

      ?!? /me spanks.

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    The Reverend Julian said:

    <ul class="quote">?!? /me spanks.

    yeah it changes the color.. it doesnt work if you put the <ul> inside a <p class="quote">..

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    Arno, you're on freenode IRC once in a while, aren't you? Just stop by in #skulltag and see what's the state of ST :D

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    600k for 3.5 seconds wav file? Heard of compression of lowering quality. I would think a more funny announcer would be best, after all skull tag is funny already and its never gunna be Quake 3

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