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    Murdoch, You Still Crazy


    Gotta love those A-Team references. Anywho, GG Inc. was updated with some stuff on real life, news (or complete lack of) on Millennium and Mordeth and also a small rant (or a partial rant anyway) on Mock 2 as well. Study hard in school! Oh wait...that was that other show with Mr. T. Man, that guy rules.

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    Um, Mock2 rules. I've made 3 levels for it and you know what? It took me about 5 hours total. So complaining that we could be working on much better projects is lame bacause you don't have to spend a whole lot of time to make a funny-bad level, you just need a little inspiration. If I were to join a serious project it would consume much more of my time which is why I'm not joining serious projects. Well, that and I'm not really that good at detailing IMO but whatever.

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    Actually Steve, the wasted time aspect wasn't my only point, though five hours is still five hours. The whole exercise is just dumb, and not even slightly funny I think.

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    Sorry Joel I too disagree. I did one map for Mock 2 and it was fun. My level may not be funny to anyone else but me, but at least I got a kick out of it.

    Some of the levels in Mock 2 are quite hilarious. My personal favorite so far is the map with 800 cyberdemons in a giant room, along with a scripted guts spawner that makes a donut of brains as the level progresses. I love mowin' through those cybs with the suprwep8 BFG. MOOoOoooOOooooOOooo!

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