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    Music To Doom By


    Ethh has sent in the news that he has released two 40MB sized MP3s of ambient music, which he claims is ideally suited to play Doom with. Ethh's page is available here.

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    It doesn't matter, the site only delivers at about 9-11K/sec, so being on high-speed won't make a difference. Mine finally downloaded, I'm gonna listen to it all now.

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    I got a wopping 15k/s ph33r me etc. yeah.

    Time to listen to them I think.

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    Eh... I can deal with it as background music in a game, but that's about all. Sometimes it sounded out-of-key and out-of-tempo, and didn't move along at all. I think each of those could have been 6 minutes.

    I'm still using my Das Ich playlist for Doom.

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