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    Musical Fantasy


    That's right, Fanatic's Asylum has updated with a quick bit of news. So quick, it can be completely explained in this update! Arguably the biggest news is that Fragging Fanatical is now purchasable via credit card! In other news, Delicate Balance is coming along peachy keen, and should ready to order in just a few weeks. Celebrate!

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    Guest mantra__


    I am retarded and uh, woo, cant wait for the next cd, anyone who hasnt spent the measly $8 for Fragging Fanatical should do so as soon as possible.

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    Guest Ray Stantz


    I had F1R5T P05T. WTF happened to it? Damn you all!

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    Well, credit card means I can order the CD so much easier this time. Nice work Fanatic!!

    8 dollars US isn't all that measly when you convert it to AU dollars. Exchange rates suck. Anyway, it's still a damn good price when it's signed and includes shipping to Australia ;-)

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    Guest Fanatic


    It's not a bad deal overall. Each CC transaction is costing me just under $2. Not the best deal around, but I like the company and they are super easy to work with.

    But this is also why the next CD will cost more, probably $10, and I might charge you kind folk for shipping (which runs typically under $2 per CD to just about anywhere). I would like to make a buck or two on the next CD's for my efforts. :) I still haven't broken even on Fragging Fanatical (which will always be $8 including shipping though, I promiced that and will stick to it).

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