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    Musical Fantasy


    Big, big news over at Fanatic's Asylum. Delicate Balance has gone gold! A little while ago, actually... But word is that the CD and graphics art is all perfect! That means that Delicate Balance, the 11-track, 32-minute album, will be shipping soon, for only $12 US, including shipping and other taxes, hopefully...

    In other news, Fanatic's car stereo equalizer has gone bananas. His speakers are popping as well. Maybe he wants us to buy him a new stereo system for his car. Seems like a fair deal, with QDOOM hopefully coming out soon. Still two and a half maps left to go with QDOOM. Evidently, it's been that way for a while now. If he finishes QDOOM, we can buy him a better stereo. Can't we, guys? Girls? Well, whatever. Now go put down your downpayment for Delicate Balance, while you still can!

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    Guest Fanatic


    I'm waiting for confirmation from the online CC place that my updated form is uploaded and live, as soon as it's ready I'll update everything on my website so you can place preorders (probably tomorrow night).

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