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    Musical Fantasy


    That's right! You can now purchase Delicate Balance online, over at Fanatic's Asylum. As recently mentioned, this 11-track, 32-minute CD is selling for $12 US, shipping included. If you have no idea whether or not you want to buy this CD, some samples are available at his music page. Now go, listen, buy!

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    Those samples sound a good step above the Fragging Fanatical tracks; I'd say they're a good deal moodier, but rock just as much. This sounds like a definate buy for anybody who liked Fragging Fanatical... I'll definately get this once I get out of my hundreds of $$ of debt ;)

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    Blah, I just went ahead and ordered it. Now I'll have that, Holy Wood, and Things Falling Apart to look forward to.

    Ok, back to stressing about exams.

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