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    My Mailbag


    I just thought I'd share with you all, one example of the many friendly notes I have to tread through each day, from my, umm, countless adoring fans. Screaming, crying fans... Yeah, that's it... This one from our good friend at Doom Center, Anarkavre.

    "Hey Andrew,
    I'm working on this map that will feature ZDoom 1.23 features such as slopes and mirrors.
    I just started it today so expect updates on my site (http://anarki.doomcenter.com/) sometime soon. I may title the wad Anarki, not sure yet, and it will be a tech theme. I have attached a screenshot of the progress so far.
    Thanks, Anarkavre"
    And of course, we will all look forward to seeing our friend Anarkavre and his yet unnamed project, in a future edition of The /newstuff Chronicles, which everyone has of course grown to love, crave, and look forward to every single Sunday.

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    Guest deathwarrior


    doomflynn changed his nick to anakarve.

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    Thank you for your interest. Old Stuff _should_ be making an appearance this
    Saturday, now that I have a (working) computer again. =)


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