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    NetDoom v0.3 Released


    A third alpha version of the internet deathmatch port NetDoom has been released, now based on TeamTNT's Boom engine instead of WinDoom. Good choice, if I may say so :) You can get it mirrored at our source port section as usual.

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    Guest Warlock


    so has anyone tried it? Is it any better than zdoom in terms of lag, for example? btw, we don't need millions of ports - I think a new coder interested in adding features should join an existing team...

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    Guest DooMer


    why must a project which started as good as netdoom did suddenly turn into a project based on probably the worst doom port ever done??? why can't netdoom base on doom legacy? i can't understand that... i want to have several actions for one key!!!

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    Guest Levendis


    NetDoom is probably based off of Boom because maps for Legacy are as limited as maps for Vanilla Doom. I have no doubt that once the NetDoom code is finished and released, we'll see it incorporated into Legacy.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I don't see why the just don't port Quakeworlds net code to Doom.

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