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    New Eternity Engine Beta


    Quasar released beta4 of the Eternity Engine v3.29 last night, which brings it out in June as previously promised. There are a lot of bugfixes in many areas of the code, but probably the biggest item is the demo recording and playback, which seems to be mostly working again--and it also has all the original-Doom demo compatibility fixes that Colin Phipps made to PRBoom.

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    What exactly is this project again? A actual game or source port?

    If its a game or mod of somesort, its taking a god awful long time to just get the enging going.

    Wonder how the graphic department is doing?

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    Don't forget that Eternity has been around since before the Doom source code was even released, so a lot of the actual game content has (presumably) already been done.

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