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    New glBSP


    Andrew Apted sends word that glBSP v1.91 has been released. For those not In The Know, glBSP is a nodes builder specially designed for OpenGL DOOM ports. This version is a major rewrite from the previous version (1.8). What's new? Well...

    • optimised, DOOM2.WAD: 50% faster, ETERNAL.WAD: 3 times faster.
    • builds "V2 GL Nodes". Use -v1 to get the old format.
    • no longer balks at bad sidedefs (with sector of #-1).
    • removes unused sectors & sidedefs.
    • packs the blockmap, and can merge identical sidedefs.
    • shows the percentage complete while building.
    • floatified - nodes are computed using high precision math.
    • source code is now under the GNU General Public License.

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    I have never used any of the previous version of this node builder, but does it effect a wad much when you use it with a non GL exe?
    Like plain-ol doom2.exe, legacy or zdoom?

    I am retarded! Crispified!!!

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    Guest Lt. Taggart


    God damn first prower now Sgt. Crispy!! Who else is retarded?

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    glbsp.exe is intended for use with the EDGE engine to product the gl noden it uses in -truebsp mode.

    You can use it with other games, just use -nogl option when compiling, since I think only EDGE and one other engine uses gl nodes. the regular nodes are quite good as well. I would use glbsp.exe or the good old bsp.exe 2.3 for noden building.

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    Thanks Fanatic. Of course five mintunes after I posted, I read the README.txt for it.

    Oh and thanks LT Taggart for the bashing, really helpful on the esteam there buddy!

    Nice one Ling! yeah, really cute. :)

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