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    New Icarus Web


    Issue 7 of everyone's favorite weekly Doom e-zine Icarus Web is out! This week's issue includes a new interview of the month with Wildman (aka Rick Clark), a source port roundup in the reviews section covering ZDoom, Boom, and Doom Legacy, a feature written by Rick Clark, and a response to last week's On the Soapbox.

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    Guest Mattrim.


    ...and what happened to Rick Clark? What happened to his homepage? Why did DEN stop? And why won't Rick answer me?

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    Guest Cory


    The thing I most liked about Boom was it's great Heads up display, which was cool when you were used to the big status bar at the time.
    What is the third screenshot on the Boom review of? It looks familiar.

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    Guest IcarusWing


    Is from Inca. I stole the screenshot from Doom underground, as I knew they mostly played on Boom. Yeah, the HUD was cool.

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    Guest Risen


    He said we had a funny flat thing that didn't even splash. Actually, I think that's more of an accurate description of what we have now. What we had before was a blinking floor. It still doesn't splash. :)

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