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    New Interview About Doom... The Book


    Seems Ling skipped over this article even though it's also on HomeLAN Fed, but shortly after Doom 3 hits store shelves there will be a 'making of' book (and who said id sold out, madness I say!) to check out. HomeLAN has an interview with Steven Kent, the guy who penned this book in question:

    HomeLAN - Finally is there anything else you wish to say about the making of Doom 3 book?

    Steven Kent - Anybody who follows games knows about the "egos of id." There is something I would like to say. I only spent one week with the guys at id, but I think you would be hard-pressed to find a group of guys that work harder and cooperate more with each other.

    I know this is all exciting stuff here, I mean interviews with people about a board game and a book about Doom 3 all in one day, but please try to contain yourselves, people.

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    I also liked some of the inter-office chicanery. The designers hid rooms in the game that the other employees did not know about so that they could reload and regain health. The lead animator at id is appraently among the world's great Quake III players, and the hidden rooms have kept him in check during deathmatches.


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    The interview said:

    Chapter 1 was supposed to tell the story of the game. I ended up writing it into a 46-page story based on the original game storyboards.

    A 46-page story??? Interesting.

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    Arno said:

    A 46-page story??? Interesting.

    And then there was an imp, and then i shot him and then there was an imp and also another imp and then they walked towards me and then i shot them and then i reloaded and then i walked forward and shot and then...

    For 46 pages. Jeez.

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