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    New JHexen


    A new version of that kickass OpenGL Hexen port JHexen has been released. This latest version includes the following additions:

    • lens flares (flares, flaresize, flareintensity)
    • support for up to 28 joystick buttons and a 4-dir POV control
    • more joystick controls (flying, strafing, inventory)
    • help: help about ccmds and cvars, e.g. 'help listfiles'
    • immediateuse: use an item immediately when choosing one from the inventory
    • crosshair: choose from 6 crosshairs, freely set size and color
    • additional console variables: lookspeed, spralign

    There are also the following handful of fixes:

    • hit monsters above/under you
    • maxdl works properly
    • psprites won't get stretched with a scaled-down status bar

    If you have Hexen sitting on your hard drive or lying around on a CD, you have to try out this port! It's freaking awesome... now we just need to see a JDoom!

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