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    New Kesler WAD


    Kurt Kesler, one of the ten greatest WAD authors according to y'all, winged us off an email letting us know that KZDoom5 has been finished and subsequently released over at his site. As he says, "As all of my Zdoom wads are, this one cannot run in OpenGL mode... I must warn you, in skill 4 you must use the chaingun, and shotgun bullets before killing the Cyberdemon with the rockets.....MUHAHAHAH!"

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    That ending is a real bitch. You must be crazy to think anyone would survive unless they are a doom player on crack. Please cut down on the number of decorative trees you put in the level. I get caught on them easy and sometimes die because I end up rocketing a tree point blank.

    Otherwise this was another great kzdoom wad -
    not very innovative but consistent with the other releases. I wish you would have used more boom/zdoom effects such as deep water and translucency. A lot less scripting then Kzdoom4 and less innovation w/ zdoom features them kzdoom1 + 2. Kudos.

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    Guest mantra_


    I beat it the third time through on UV. Tough map, I liked it :)

    The forest near the end was cool and of course the ending is great.

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    kzdoom5 isn't very difficult at all...only that forest can be a bitch. chaingunners are nasty but slow and dumb, just hide round corners and shotgun 'em to death. and there's only the one area where you have to do any fighting with trees around swedishfish, the forest - and if you want to use rockets on spread out, weak single monsters, you deserve everything you get :)
    i'm working on a 100/100 lmp...died in the forest a couple of times now. cue gnashing of teeth.

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    Any wad can be easier if you play "hide and go seek". Mind you, you are a much better player then most (5th ranked blah blah). And if you have died a couple of times in the forest then you know what it's like for something to go wrong so don't take it wrong when I respond to your "you deserve everything you get" with "screw you!". :)

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