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    New Legacy 3D Tutorial


    Ebola has updated his The Legacy Editing Page with a tutorial from Alastair "Big Al" Montgomery on how to create a simple working 3D elevator in Doom Legacy. Ebola also promises to have a full tutorial on a more complex version of the 3D elevator up eventually.

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    kaiser: I doubt that.. this feature have already been used by several persons.. we used it in Nimrod but found it to be too buggy to use.

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    I already removed it from two of the mystic series because it was too easy to break it by standing underneath.

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    oh well, nothings perfect....but I am still going to put it in the wad.....

    but yeah, standing underneath the platform will break it and mess it up but pressing the down switch two times fixes it...I think.

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    No it dont..

    Once it's messed up using this procedure, it's messed up until you restart the level..

    So I suggest you use Scripting..

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