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    New Legacy


    The Legacy Team has posted a new beta of Doom Legacy, bringing the version number up to 1.32b4. Currently binaries are only available for win32, although the binaries for other platforms should follow shortly. If you just can't wait, however, you can check the current source code out from SourceForge CVS and compile it yourself.

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    That rainbow feature map is really cool! Download this new version and check it out!

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    There's alot of cool shit in this version, Like you can now (using FS) define corona color, size, and placement, to a sprite. You can also script it so the corona change appearance. very "nifty". :p

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    Guest Rick Clark


    Legacy has become my port of choice. It has it all: 3D floors, scripting and OpenGL that works. You can't ask for more (well, maybe slopes :).

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    Ebola: It was in software mode.

    Oh, and it only seems to do it in the deep water with the Arachnotron in it.

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    I think the rainbowstar map stumbled upon the column bug with the software 3d floors.. it was a bug that surfaced in version 1.32 beta 2, while the Software mode got considerably more stable, it gained a bug that cause it to crash on places where the 3d floor/whatnot is rather high.. I have this in 2 maps in Ni'mrod. Only can hope that SoM will fix it soon.

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    I do love the enhanced lighting and speed in Legacy, however, unfortunately, in testing tall textures and patches (508 patches, textures 512 high and more), it appears to be "broken" vs BOOM, EDGE and ZDOOM.

    I made a demo ZDOOM level showing how to do all this. I hope that LEGACY changes the texture display to support taller textures again.

    BOOM, EDGE and ZDOOM are the only ones I've tested - there may be more. A tall sky would also be an advantage. Again a demo of that is in the same sample level for ZDOOM.

    Working on cleaning it up now (may not get it all "perfect"). It's pretty large ~6700 LDs and I know how tissy some people get:)

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    Well, JDOOM assumes that the biggest patch is 64kb, which not even close to the actual legimate patch size.

    The actual specs of the Doom patch graphic format allow up to 508 tall and 16 bits wide - IOW wider than anyone could possibly need, but 8192 would be a nice practical upper limit.

    Sure, I could bust the image up into pieces, but that's exactly the kind of grunt work I (and others) want to avoid. Anyway, the demo level will make this clearer and show the kind of cool stuff you can easily do in the ones that I mentioned (ZDOOM looks the best overall).

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