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    New rorDoom


    Julian Aubourg sent word that he has added better monster collision detection to rorDoom. The links to the example wads for both Doom and Doom2 are fixed, and there's also a modified version of the nodesbuilder BSP available. Create your own mad 3D levels! Last but not least, he has put up a guestbook. The updated files are of course also mirrored at our source port section.

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    Guest Mad Cow Disease


    Shut up, Kyter! I don't care how it looks to you!

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    Guest Anonymous User


    DmapEdit seems to work 100%, the nodesbuilder seems to work even better than the modified one that comes with ror.

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    Guest Levendis


    I took a look at one of the ROR demo maps with ZETH, and it didn't crash the editor, which is a good sign. I suppose that since ZETH has its own Hexenified map format, I'll have to reinstall DETH or (gasp) DEU to mess around with ROR until its features are incorporated into the other ports.

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    Hrmm, pretty nifty. I experimented with makin some small maps in DCK (+ rorbsp). Worked fairly well, although I did notice some of the problems in this alpha version. I encountered the sector-completely-within-sector bug mentioned in the ror webpage 2/11 news update. Fortunately, I could usually avoid that with some creative editing. Unfortunately, I also encountered a problem where an invisible barrier ended up in the middle of a sector, even though there wasn't a linedef anywhere near it! :(

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