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    New Source Port


    Chris Ream let us know about a new DOOM source port for the Dreamcast, nxDoom. Its author, BlackAura, announced the release of the first beta in a thread found at the DCEmu FPS Forum. Based partly on the original source, partly on DoomDC, this new port features Dehacked and PWAD support (several addons have already been tested). Download links can be found in the announcement thread itself.

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    It happened sooner than I thought, DC source was picked up, and developement is moving faster than ever before! Black Aura has already added in 90% compatable DeHacked support, and has made a few other improvents such as multi-pwad support, and better controls. He is hoping to add in BOOM, Fraggle Script, not to mention split screen mode in the future, so if all works out, the DC port is going to be very very interesting! Lately he has been working on adding in MIDI support, but it sounds like that has been more trouble than what it is worth as the DC was not intended to play MIDI files, though he has hinted to the fact that S3m, or MOD support should not be that hard, which of course (I feel) woudl be much much better!

    If you have a DC, you should check this out, and come visit us on the Forums, let us know your ideas, or give help if you can in any way. The ZIP file also comes with a chinky Winblows version that lets you test your WAD and Deh files to see if they are going to work on your DC, and to follow the ports progress without having to waste a ton of CD's, note though that the DC port has better control and sound support as the Winblows version like I said is only for testing, not ment to be a serious port in itself. Also I wanted to bring up the control system he has added into the DC port, in it there is no RUN button, rather he has taken advantage of the Anlog control and Trigger sensativity. If you push foward lightly on the Analog, you will walk, if you push it all the way, you will run, same goes for the Triggers and strafing!

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    this is awesome! the dreamcast will never die!

    /me goes and dusts the DC off and gets downloadin'

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