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    New Targets


    Pilottobombadier posted news about Lock and Load: he's been working on compiling various sprite replacements and we'll soon have aliens and predators to test the new weaponry on.

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    Awe, who cares how, the point is, you've got tons of weapons to blow stuff up with, and soon there will be Aliens and Predators to blow them up. Yes sir, you can never have too many Aliens TCs, can you? I can't wait to see the latest, even if it will be with completely old sprites. Hey, you know what would be cool, and actually probably possible with Edge, would be to have a hatching chestburster. I've always wanted to see one in a game, and the only ones I've seen were pretty lame.

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    I'd love to do the chest burster thing if i could, but I have no idea how...well, I have some idea, but that involve the facehugger killing you instantly. No, I'm going to be adding some psychological stuff to it, like the predator flashing his laser sight on you, and the firing his blaster. And in regards to where to put all those weapons...good question. Umm...the Turok bag...that's all aI'll say...I added all that stuff cuz that's what I wanted to see...although I rarely use anything other than the assault rifle, MAC-10's, or Pulse Rifle...well, sometimes the m-60, and sometimes the flamethrower...but not as often as the first three I mentioned. Also, there will be enemy marines for sure...some with pistols, some with smartguns, and some with pulse rifles...the pulserifle ones will fire a grenade if you piss 'em off, btw.

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    Oh really? Well Law, I'd love to see it. I love anything that's Aliens or Predator...well, that last Alien movie (Resurrection, I think) was kinda fucked, but meh. I'm trying to aim for something that's a bit traditional to the genre. Besides, what I'm doing with the Aliens and Predators attack-wise is about all you can do with EDGE for number of attacks. ANYWAYS, with all that shyte aside, the only reason I'm working on this is because I've always wanted to, and no other reason.

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    Guest Chik6000


    ive seen some of those in other games..

    Fully Automatic 12ga Shotgun- i think its off 007 goldeneye game on n64

    UAC Bullpup Assault Rifle- also off goldeneye i think

    UAC 7.62mm Pulse Rifle- ok this is off a a wad called alien or something and it was the chaingun replacement for the game. really old wad. (got it on a cd)

    UAC Shoulder Mounted RPG Launcher- defintaly duke nukem 3d

    those are the only ones ive seen in other games. its a real cool idea to have lots of weapons but too many can be too confusing at times. well anyways it looks great.

    p.s. when i look at the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 weapon it kinda reminds me of the sniper rifle off turok 3..

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    I liked Aliens, Alien, Alien 3 then Resurrection.
    The preferance of these films have produced many talks at the bar, and different for everyone, but the books are better than the films anyway.
    pilottobombadier: yeah, I have to finish the levels (or at least one!!) to release it.
    How do some map makers manage to make large detailed maps in short times (under a month somtimes)?

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