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    New ZD3K


    Jacques Thibault sent word that ZD3K version 2 has been released. Apparently, this release will be better than the last one but incomplete, and will feature scripting as well as new GFX, sound effects, maps, weapons, items and a Dehacked patch.

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    Sorry Linguica
    But Jacques is my father name,
    i am Jean-Fran├žois.

    Did anyone can check my web site where my name are writing?

    Can anyone think the email name isn't my name! I don't have my own email, so i use my father email. It's not the first time that have been done on Doom site.

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    I know, but for that i must paid extra money $$$
    I will have my own computer when i enter the college, so i must wait 1 years!

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    no $$$ has to be paid for an email account, places like www.hotmail.com , and yahooo offer free mail accounts so no $ has to be paid.

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    what do you meran?, do you want a pop3 based account that you use ms outlook / echange etc..?

    i had that on geocities about a year ago but i'm not sure they have that anymore, anyway there are probably other free pop3 accounts elseware..

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    I beleive there's a site that's called that. There's plenty of e-mail accounts that can be used in a mail browser.

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