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    New ZDoom(GL) Launcher


    Scott Hilleard emailed us to let us know about a new ZDoom/ZDoomGL launcher he's created entitled Scottles Doom Launcher. Apparently, he has modeled the look and interface after the Doom Legacy launcher.

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    Guest OPiUM


    I was just wondering... Does anyone know if such a thing as a ZDooM launcher for linux exists? I haven't found a single one.

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    Yes, there is at least one launcher for Linux. It's my own one, BloodSplash. Unfortunately it's not linked on [url="http://www.doomhq.com/tarin/" target=another]my page[/url]. But I can send it to you if you line.

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    Guest OPiUM


    Yeah, it would be great if you could send it via e-mail (the opium_@rocketmail.com address). Thanx

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