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    Nighmare Creatures


    NiGHTMARE's Haunt has been updated twice in the past two days with some nice meaty updates. He's posted a new feature detailing his thoughts regarding the new Doom game, and he also talks about *takes deep breath* Hellstorm, Mordeth E2, Crucified Dreams, Twice Risen, Wrath, Paradox, Testament of Judgement, Skulltag, Morbid DM 2, Morbid DM 3, Alien Vindicta, Hell Revealed 2, and Doom Millennium. *GASP*

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    Guest Anonymous User


    ...with NIGHTMARE's Haunt. He made many good points. I don't know about cut scenes and other characters though. I'm not sure if I like the hub idea. I liked the way there were 8 levels in 3 episodes and think they should do this again with the new doom. I always liked how each level was unique but all worked well together as a whole, creating a great atmosphere. Anyway id can make each level distinguished from the next but with the same atmosphere is good for me.

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