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    Nightmare Reminder


    Nick 'Nightmare' Baker sent us the following announcement:

    The third NiGHTMARE speedmapping will take place on Saturday, at the usual time (8:00pm GMT), in the usual location (#zdoom on irc.openprojects.net). This week's theme will be rather more "traditional" than the previous two, and there won't be any new textures or flats this time.
    So if you want to show your editing skills, no disco this Saturday.

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    Well Its 8pm gmt hrm, thats 3 pm for me so i might be able to make it, well if io dont have to do any work or anything i could make it.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    Won´t make it tonight. Going out with friends. Damn my friends. ;)

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    A nice set of maps that definitely evoke the feeling of the maps they are tributes to.

    A cool theme too. I checked the speedmapping page with about 10 mins to go and have to confess wasn't sure how I would have approached it if I had been on time (especially with Ep1 banned). A good job done by all.

    Map01 is huge. A good way to make a big complex map in a short space of time. Using only one sector for the entire main room made it feel a little Wolf3Dish due to lack of height variation, but it was great fun none the less. Using DeePsea to pack the sectors reduces the sector count on the map to only 4.

    Mind you, I could have cheerfully strangled Fredrik at one point when I was desperately searching for that last key in the maze and all the lines were invisible on the automap.

    Again, a nice set of maps.

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    E1 wasn't allowed for two reasons. One was that there was a risk that everyone would have otherwise made an e1 level, and the second was that Doomworld had an e1 style speedmapping sesion awhile back, and I didn't want to cover old ground.

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