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    Nightmare Reminder


    Let Nick 'Nightmare' Baker say it himself:

    Just a reminder that the fifth speedmapping session will take place tomorrow at 8pm GMT, in #zdoom on irc.openprojects.net.
    Today is Friday, so tomorrow will be filled with night fever.

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    Guest Excalibur_Z


    That's odd... tomorrow is Friday? Then why was this posted under Friday, Jan 25? ;)

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    Guest Excalibur_Z


    Wait a second... am I senile? Did the news post just change? Maybe it's just me... is it just me? Agh! Starcraft brings insanity! I declare myself insane and disregard my previous post.

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    It's quite possible that it changed; the news-post numbers are constantly being overwritten. I've often found that I've clicked on a 'comments' text here and gotten a whole lot of comments about something completely unrelated.

    So you're not senile... or if you are, then I am too. ;)

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