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    Ni'mrod Nears Completion


    Ebola has updated the Unholy Software page with the exciting news that work on the Ni'mrod Partial Conversion for Doom Legacy is drawing to a close. He lists some of the items still to be completed, and wrote a blurb about the amazing work Kurt Kesler is putting into his map.

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    Mos 1.
    Chapter 10. 1 and 6-10
    This is the story of Noas sons relatives. They were Sem, Ham and jafet; and for them the sons of the river was born. <font size=1><samp>1 Crown. 1,4f.</samp></font>

    6. Hams sons were Kus*, Misram*, Put and Kanaan.
    7. kus' sons were Seba, Havila, Sabta, Raema, and Dedan.
    8. But Kus gave birth to Ni'mrod; he was the first whom created a domination on earth.
    9. He was also a mighty hunter before the Lord; therefor you say:&gt;&gt;A mighty hunter before the Lord as is Ni'mrod.&gt;&gt;
    10. And his kingdome had it's origin in Babel, Erek, Ackad, and Kalne, in sinears country.

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