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    Noonan's Doom Page


    Steve Noonan sent word of a new Doom site he has created at http://doom.neoxenos.com/, which will be where he puts stuff he's done for Doom, apparently. He also has a section on historical Doom, containing some information on the alphas and press releases, original plans for the Doom game (a lot of which didn't actually make it into the final product), and some relevant links.

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    Hah, who was it who asked if "what was first planned for the game but didn't make it" would be a good opening question for Ling's new weekly feature? :P

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    Guest rethcir


    Any relation to noted caddy Danny Noonan? "be the ball, danny"

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    Hm. I read his History article. and it was full of misstakes. Like for instance he claimed that the level in Alpha 0.4 was never in the final game. Yes it was it was e2m7. and he also said there never was any V1.0 of Doom Yes it was. v1.0 was the version ID released first and then 10 days or so later they released the upgrade v1.1

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    Guest fUnKyMoNk


    Ok, I'm open to criticism, but I have to disagree with your claim about the Doom versions. Doom v.99 was released on Dec 10, 1993, but the file name is doom1_0.zip. Then they when stright to v1.1 on Dec 16.

    If there is a 1.0, I'd like to know the name of the file, doom1_0.zip is v.99, look at the txt file that comes with it on cdrom.com to verify this.

    I would like to know of the other mistakes I made thoughout the article to fix them.

    Rethcar: No relation, I get shit like that sometimes though. I more often get, "Hello, Noonan" in the Jerry Sienfield voice when taking to Newman...

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    Well, I got a vague memory of that the version of Doom I used to have was 1.0 ohwell. I might be misstaken.

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