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    Odamex 0.4.4 Released


    The Odamex team has released version 0.4.4 of Odamex, the open-source multi-platform multiplayer engine. This update includes a fair amount of critical changes to the engine, both client and server side. All of the changes can be found in the changelog. Packages for Windows and Mac OSX are available for download, as well as the usual source for compiling on Unix-based operating systems, so check out the Odamex page for more details on how to get fragging.

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    Janizdreg said:

    When I open this news item via the DW front page the first two links seem to point towards DW itself.


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    myk said:

    Who do I have to pay to get my pet peeve bug fixed?!

    PS: Ha, Google is awesome. Typing odamex bug 320x200 pulled the bug as the first hit.

    Have you tried editing the configuration file? I run 320x200 in fullscreen just fine.

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    Yeah, if, by editing the CFG, vid_defwidth and vid_defheight are set to anything other than 640x480, 800x600, 800x480, 1024x576, 1024x768, 1280x720 or 1280x1024, which are the options that appear in the video mode menu and what list-sdl-modes.exe outputs, Odamex ignores what the file says and uses 640x480. See this page, which I believe describes the (fixed) bug in Chocolate Doom.

    Because some drivers or systems are stupid and don't list some valid modes when programs ask them, Odamex simply needs an option, disabled by default, that allows it to set video modes regardless of what the system says is available.

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    Can you test this odamex.exe? I added the autoadjust_video_settings cvar. You will have to set it to "0" manually in the CFG. Please update the bug report with your results.

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