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    Odamex 0.6.1 released


    The multiplayer centric Doom engine Odamex has officially moved to version 0.6.1. This release contains many bug fixes in addition to new features. Some of the standout features are support for announcers in CTF games, enhanced spectating options, and greater support for ZDoom 1.23 specials. A number of changes in this release also affect what the player will see. More precise rendering will prevent tearing of long, straight lines. Players can also now resize their screen to any size by dragging the edges or maximizing the window. A full list of changes can be found on the release page or the in-depth changelog.

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    What happened to the Odawiki? It used to be skinned like the rest of the website; now it's all "default MediaWiki installation", complete with this logo. (And both "View Source" and "View history" yield empty blank pages.)

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    I think an upgrade went sour. Manc will surely get to it eventually. Better than no wiki!

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