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    Odamex 0.6.3 Released


    With so many great enhancements being coded into Odamex for version 0.7, the dev team and community felt it necessary to create a holdover release for the little open source multiplayer engine that could. Odamex 0.6.3 introduces improved ZDoom 1.23b33 compatibility, further improvements to the sound engine, the ability to mute enemies and spectators, and the ability to connect to "DOS" 1.9 servers with Freedoom and Doom 3: BFG Edition's versions of Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 (and vice versa). The release notes are here and you can download Odamex for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX from the home page. An optional build that includes the experimental "32-bit renderer" slated to be finalized for version 0.7 can be found on the Odamex forums here.

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    The servers will still be empty and that's sad, because Odamex is a great online port. I check almost every day, and still empty.

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    Join us on IRC. People ask for games all the time in there and I'm sure they'd be happy to play with you.

    irc.quakenet.org/odamex and irc.oftc.net/odamex

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    The 32-bit renderer looks great and doesn't seem any slower than 8-bit on my PC outside of the screen melt effect. No noticeable drops during gameplay.

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    I think most of it has to do with that there aren't as many 12 year olds who play it that have nothing better to do.

    Can't wait for 0.7!

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