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    Odamex Saturday Nitro #14 - Dwango6 FFA


    It's time to revisit another old wad, Dwango6. Although it's not as popular as Dwango5 when it comes to DM, there are still plenty of great and exciting maps here to be played. It's been a blast these past few weeks seeing an increase in not only the amount of people attending Nitro, but the diversity. Keep it up, and be on the lookout for the return of CTF.

    WAD: dwango6
    Maps: 24 (1-24)
    Mode: 14-Player DM
    Server: CoffeeNet
    Date: Saturday, November 19th @ 8pm EST

    Remember to download the latest version of Odamex in order to participate.

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    Why do you always do these deathmatch things when I'm working or out shagging? Shame on you Doomworld, shame on you. I shall send you a copy of my diary so you can base the next event around my schedule :P

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    There are 6 entire other nights of the week where you could be working out or shagging. I, for one, work out and shag while playing Doom.

    On that note: See y'all there tonight!

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    Missed this one. I was around to go to it too but i lost track of time. When I checked up on it everyone was gone :(

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