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    Odamex Saturday Nitro #18 - IDDM18 FFA


    Special thanks to everyone who showed up last week for over three hours; it was a really great session. Great to see those maps complete and officially released. This particular installment by the Infernal Doomers Team was featured in a /newstuff about a year and a half ago but hasn't received much attention since then. This is a very nicely detailed wad, and the maps are just big enough to fit a decent amount of people, so expect chaos.

    WAD: iddm18
    Maps: 18 (1-14,29-32)
    Mode: 10-Player DM
    Server: CoffeeNet
    Date: Saturday, December 17th @ 8pm EDT

    Don't forget to check out #odamex on the OFTC or QuakeNet networks before and after each session.

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