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    Odamex Saturday Nitro #4


    Greenwar 2 is a very well-made successor to everyone's favorite, and it hasn't yet received the type of play it deserves. Join us as we continue to make Saturday nights on Odamex the fun you can't have anywhere else! Don't know what you're missing? Here is what we played last week.

    WAD: gw2 (Greenwar 2)
    Maps: 36 (1-36)
    Game Mode: 14-Player DM (65 Fraglimit)
    Server: [Odamex.net]
    Date: Saturday, September 10th @ 8pm EDT

    The official announcement can be found on the Odamex Forums.

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    i think i'll be there a little bit. the turnout last week was a little disappointing. i was hoping it would have been more like the second week.

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    There was another big turnout on Saturday. I took a few screenshots: the first being when we had the most people in the server and the second right as I was about to leave, clocking out at 104 minutes!

    Screenshot #1

    Screenshot #2

    Hopefully these inspire some more people to come check out what we're doing each week! :)

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    It'll be midnight when it starts for me, I might pop in. Been awhile since I've had my ass handed to me.

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