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    Odamex Saturday Nitro #5


    Last week was a blast! Around 30 people showed up in 2+ hours, it was very impressive. I'd say it's also the most fun I've had so far. Tomorrow I thought it would be great to revisit two of the most popular DM wads, UDM2 and UDM3. Hoping to see some more of you guys showing up to participate.

    WAD: udm2, udm3
    Maps: 28 (1-12), (1-16)
    Game Mode: 14-Player TDM (60 Fraglimit)
    Server: [Odamex.net]
    Date: Saturday, September 17th @ 8pm EDT

    The official announcement can be found on the Odamex Forums.

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    Man, I haven't played UDM3 in forever. I really love that map set too. Hmm, I'll try to make it to this one if I can :)

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    Sounds cool. I'll try and show up. I haven't gotten any decent time with Odamex yet, and I haven't played with any of the big faces in Doom deathmatch it many years.

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    I jumped in at the end. It haven't played DM (or much Doom at all) in years, and I'd forgotten how much fun it is.

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    I caught a little bit of both wads last night and had a blast. Was great fun to lay the smackdown on Bashe again ;]

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