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    Yes, it is true! version 0.72 of ZDoomGL is out for your downloading and playing pleasure. What hath this new version bring fourth? I'll tell thee:

    - updated to ZDoom 2.0.34
    - Heretic crosshair correct color
    - savegames work again
    - vid_fps crash fixed (hopefully)
    - ability to purge/reload all the textures in game (in the OpenGL menu, or type "gl_purge_textures" in the console) in case any get corrupted
    - deathmatch and coop intermission screens don't crash anymore (but are still missing graphics)
    - fixed a bug in the nodebuilder so it won't crash on P:AR map e1m4 (although map e1m6 still looks mighty funky)
    - readme.txt has slightly more info in it...

    That'd be about it for now. Go have the fun, play!

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    Heh, I'm downloading this! :)

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    Hey, I didn't mean any disrespect. I was just wondering if it ran Zan Zan yet... I really like zdoomgl and zdoom in general. Maybe you can think of something better to say...?

    listen or not... here i stand... i can do none other.

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    UAC PR Dept said:

    does it run ZanZan yet

    I guess ZanZan will work when there is support for 3d models, which will come in version 0.8. Have a look at this timetable.

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    Szymanski said:

    Very nice, a bit on the slow side but definately getting there

    I'm going to be working on that in the next little while. Precalculating the geometry and only updating when necessary along with using vertex arrays should help speed things up a little (actually, it should help a lot) :)

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