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    On A Wim


    Wim Vanrie's Doom Site has been updated with the news that there's a new demo up from the mini-contest, as well as the more important news that his latest level Terrere1 has been completed and is available for download.

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    It is worth checking out.
    the terrain makes it hard on UV, but it would be a good coop experience.

    I don't think Hissy wants to be freed...

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    Wim is an editing comet heading straight for the top! He has to be one of the most obviously talented prodigy-like leveldesigner the Community has ever encountered! He really masters a lot of aspects, and when first he understands every single aspect of leveldesigning, he's gonna be a very valuable member of any team! Just download his latest wad, and you'll see...

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    Guest The Mole


    Thanks both of you guys for the support. I try to make my levels as good as i can. I especially look at the monsters placement and fun factor of the traps. I just love to suprise people :-) The design comes in second place but it's surely important too!

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