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    On The Crow Road


    Adam Windsor, recent returner to the Doom community and contributor to The Darkening episode 2 among other things, has updated his personal site with two short little essay-type things, one talking about TCs and the other about making a sequel to a Requiem level of his.

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    Guest Rick Clark


    Adam, nicely written exposition and I agree whole heartedly. I have contributed to a few projects that never saw the light of day (including my own). I am still wondering where Crucified Dreams and Paradox are at (and now Nick wants to do another megawad)? The two personal projects I started, Wildpack2 and MB1, will get done. In fact I am presently rewrting the script for Chapter 2 that I hope will be interesting and give some reasons why the Hellish host invaded earth the first time (Doom and Doom2) to help fill out my DTNC world. I am trying to do both of these the way I have envisioned them. I am also trying to wrap up my commitments to Doom2000 and Twice Risen. I actually haven't done much on TR since I am finishing up with my D2K stuff. (BTW, ZDoom is why D2K isn't out yet. There is a learning curve w/ doing a good ZDoom wad and it has taken time for the members to get up to speed.) As for the Rats sequel, I vote Yes!!! Rick Clark

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    Thanks for the considered response to my 'essays'. I shall be interested to see your DNTC project, being into the tabletop RPG scene myself (check the Non-Doom page on my site for info on that). You are the 3rd or 4th TNT person to respond on my D2K remark, but the first to do so publically. Which is a bit disappointing, given that the whole point of that comment was to prompt a public response. An update to the webpage was a bit overdue, imvrho. I'd also like to see some more _thoughtful_ public comment on the unfinished-project issue. Anyone can bag projects that don't get finished, but I'd prefer to see us looking at ways of using what does get done, rather than just sitting back and saying "I told you so". As for Nick Baker ... he certainly is a budy young man, isn't he? :)

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    Yeah, I know this thread is little old but hopefully you scroll back to check. Anyways, regarding unfinished projects I always use the following objectives before I join a project: 1) Can I join the project? Is it feasible? I try to limit myself to two projects at a time. That way you have variety but not so much your overwhelmed. 2) Is the project moving somewhere? I try not to join projects which look like they are going to be finished. That includes joining projects with newbie leaders. Along the same lines I ask if it's feasible that it's going to be finished. If there is 6 levels out of 32 and the mailing list is dead then I back off joining. 3) If possible, always join a project that has mappers more talented then you. I don't know why I have this rule. hmmm. anthony.

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