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    One Of These Days Doom Wads Will Get Organizized


    For any programmers out there, John Gaughan has updated his doom page with news that he has written a set of C++ classes to simplify the sometimes messy task of manipulating wad data. Named libdoomwad, the most prominent feature is the ability to read an entire wad into simple data structures with a single line of code. Seems pretty cool, and there's doxygen docs for it, too. Oh sorry, wombat.

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    free software, about flipping time someone in this community gave back from time to time mutter

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    Very good and useful stuff! I made a few attempts to make some easy-to-use C++ WAD file classes myself, but I was unsatisfied with each of them. This one looks very clean and flexible.

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    I'll have to try it out once I reboot into Linux. And figure out what to do with it.

    Think it may work for the wads used in Rott as well?

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