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    Opulent Update


    There has been quite an impressive update at The Doomed Speed Demos Archive. There are too many lumps out there to make a complete list, so I'll just put some names that will undoubtedly make you want to watch them: Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed, Retro Episode and Requiem. Go get some pop-corn.

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    I tried to download Selim's AV demos but couldn't find them on 3ddownloads.. where they uploaded, Doug? :)

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    erm... they are not there. =(
    Telefragged server is REALLY slow. I had to try 3 times to get even the html files up there.
    the update.zip is 2 Mb... at 538kb/sec. only 540 hours to go...
    definitely some good stuff this time around. thanks for watching!

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    People who upload demos: You shouldn't forget to include a text file for the demos. I know the info is at the SDA page, but if one downloads the whole update it's much easier to check text files than the internet for info on what PWAD the demo is for and on who recorded it. Plus the text always helps anyway. It's good to see the update. Hpoefully I'll be able to participate soon myself.

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