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    Outpost of Doom Strikes Yet Again


    The Outpost of Doom II has been updated with a review of Temple of Chaos 2 by AgentSpork. There is also a progress report of sorts on Italian DooM - Episode 2: The Singularity:

    Progress on the "Italian DooM - Episode 2: The Singularity" project is going on, slowly but steadily. We decided to make a change in the gameplay, by designing the spaceship and the levels set on the 3 plantes ("Air Demons Temple", "IMPerious" and "Hellish Hierarchy") as a whole hub; other minor changes have been carried on. And Buzzbomber is still working on his maps.

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    mystic said:

    wahay Im first

    what exactly is 'italian doom' ?

    It's Italian Doom! Play episode 1 it's pretty nice.

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    ok, got that. So far it does indeed look nice (in gzdoom) but is very annoying for me as I never got into the habit of saving while playing. maybe Im just a bit rusty after so long away from the doom scene.

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    Play decadence by hobomaster22 it will convince you to slow down.
    The gameplay in the levels made by Toranaga were annoying for me too. Except for the lovely doom museum (level 8).

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    Why did you find my level annoying ?
    Well, actually you can find my new level NX-01 on the newstuff directory, i'm sure you'll not find it annoying

    Lorenzo (aka Toranaga)

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    Played it before I read your comment. However you did it again. But it didn't annoy me there because somehow I consider that level not doom and use different standards. I don't save and from that viewpoint (add modest skills too) your levels are frustrating. Like those 101 archviles in the end of your newly wad. I'm writing in binary engrish here but
    I don't mind a dozen of them in the beginning or halfway the level but in the end? But on the other hand people who do save or have great skills won't mind perhaps and there're enough great levels designed with pistol start/no save in mind. I had real fun playing nx01 btw.
    Edit: I played the version with the new weapons.

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    But did you play the last version, with new weapons and textures or the old one ?
    The old one can be found only on DoomWadStation, the new one is in the Archives !


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