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    Outpost of Doom updated


    Italian DooM - Episode 2: The Singularity is officially closed. Ismaele's maps from it are released in the "Lost Levels" pack and the Italian DooM Deathmatch wad. Apparently Ismaele is getting ready to hang up the Doom Builder; he's going to finish his DM maps and then he's done. My best condolences to him. You can read his update on the site itself.

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    No, don't hang up Doom Builder, my precious :'(

    Too bad you stop making maps, maybe you should just take a break and then try again, instead of giving up completely. But who am I to tell you what to do :P

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    Are you sending some of the boys around to "make him an offer he can't refuse"? :-)

    printz said:

    I hope you're joking.

    Unusual word choice but not inappropriate.

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    ler said:
    My best condolences to him.

    I am not dead...! =P

    And I'd like to point out that I haven't ever used Doom Builder, apart from few times when necessary; I've always used WadAuthor!

    Ah... and I don't think that I'll start mapping again! :(

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    WadAuthor is total junk compared to doom builder in this day and age. I used WadAuthor when i was forced to switch from DCK (because of dos) but doom builder is the holy grail of simple, quick wad editing. <3 codeimp

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