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    Outpost of Reviews


    Ismaele has let me know that he has updated his Outpost of Doom with four new reviews. The first two you can find in his reviews section, and they are of Erik Alm's Europa 3 and Karthik Abhiram's Congestion Control 2. The other two are more like mini-reviews, of Varun Abhiram's Short and Quick and its sequel, and you'll find them on his Other Levels page.

    Edit (June 3): Ismaele has added a review of Erik Alm's megawad Scythe.

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    fair scythe review, gameplay rated higher than looks and all =)
    If you have problems with map28, try an easier difficulty level and use the shortcuts that are blocked by torches on UV.

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    After playing Sacrifice in Blood, It crossed my mind that making wads and reviewing other people's wad, produces feel good reviews for wad makers.

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