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    Overactive Metabolism


    One of our friendly hosted neighbors have come knocking. Metabolist's Site has announced the winner of its "Be-The-Thousandth-Visitor-To-My-Site" contest. The lucky 1000th vistor was none other than the maintainer of the site himself! So there will be no awards handed out. No luxurious trips. No fancy traveler's checks... In project-related news, two WADs have been officially completed! They will henceforth be known as Mortiser 1 and Ballistics. And of course, almost any feedback is welcomed for these WADs. Visit his WADS page for more details.

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    OK, I really tried to find some remains of my humor (which is pretty hard at 8 AM), but this is a bit lame, isn't it?

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    Howdy. How come Metabolist's files and TI's files are not on Telefragged????
    some hosted sites don't get web space, or what???

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    after further investigation, I have come to the conclusion that it is the hosted sites that haven't moved their files to doomworld.
    Mes apologies.

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    Ballistics rules. HR is the bomb.
    A fun map for anyone to play.

    come on Maonth, let's see a demo...
    (I got 3:23 so far -- 4:35 the first time out)

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