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    Pablo's Teaser


    Pablo Dictter has posted quite a long news post over there at his place. So what are the news? He joined the Doom: Revisited team since the Doom Bible inspired him a lot. As a consequence, 'Varun Wad' will be delayed. He is also working on a Quake map and uploaded a screenshot of the first room. Finally, the news post ends up quite a mysterious way:

    Whoa! heh, this is kind of a long stupid update. I guess I forgot to talk about the big surprise, which is...
    Which is?

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    Guest pablodictter


    There's no surprise, is just a stupid ending for a stupid update.

    Fredrik: You think so? I think it looks too damn plain.

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    Guest pablodictter


    I updated the "projects" page of the site. Now, you can see all the stuff I'm working on, from the Quake map, the "varun" level (which is untitled and there's no info of it) and the episode for Doom, which I first wrote about on the pdsp15 txt file.

    12:59am. heh, my day just started.

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