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    Paradox Blurp


    Nick Baker has posted a little update on his Paradox TC at his site. He has started a couple of new levels, plus is revising several old ones. Of course, he -should- be working on his Mordeth levels... *spank! spank! spank!*

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    Guest cocoon


    Woo sweet! A new map by Andy badorek, one of my favorites!

    get paradox done now Nick, it sounds like it has been worth all the wait already.

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    I also just dusted off a couple of levels by Bjorn Hermans, although probably only one of them will make it in Paradox (the other one I might use elsewhere).

    BTW Gaston, my main priority is currently TOJ e1m3 (so Sam can get his demo out), but my second priority is my two Mordeth E2 levels (50% and 95% done respectively I'd say) :)

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    Guest Anonymous User


    What are you spankin' there Mordeth? *LOL*

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