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    Pixel's Back


    Infamous super-detailed mapmaker Pixel Rex has put back up his webpage and updated it after about 8 months of inactivity. He talks about his mapmaking work and also has three new screenshots for everyone to drool over.

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    Alright! Pixel's rejoined us! He's one of the best DOOM mapmakers in the world and I sure as hell missed his levels! Glad yer back, Pixel. Now if only Hell Revelaled 2 suddenly came alive and finished up... That would just make my day a perfect day :) .


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    Good timing Pixel. Now that you have set prower's deus ex wasabi against good standards I'm curious to see what your latest wad will turn out to be. Be careful, I'll be sure to use your own standards / criticisms against your level.

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    Guest q.pixel[rex]


    Actually, I believe most of my previous maps fit very well with what I described...controlled monsters, varying fighting areas. I'm looking more into DM map making right now though I do have a few unfinished SP maps sitting around...

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